Re: The death of the RTB model

From: David F Siemens <>
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 21:11:50 EST

Dick wrote, in response to Glenn:
Doesn't matter, you still have to expend a lot of energy pushing the
boats uphill against the current. 8 humans couldn't do that, and why
didn't they go east or west and get out of the flood in about a distance
of 5 miles? Noah sure was dumb to pole that boat several hundred miles
north when poling it only 2-3 miles east or west would have gotten him
out of the water sooner.
Boats are poled up the Tigris to this day. I don't know how far north
they go though. I'll try to find out.
This is irrelevant unless you ask how 8 people poled a vessel 150x50
cubits up the river. How large are the boats plying up river from
Baghdad? at the Turkish border? Also, you have to consider its draft. I'm
guessing that it would be 10 cubits when fully loaded. Of course, I am
not citing the Revised by Guess Version.
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