Re: Frustrating, Ain't It?

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Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 17:12:06 EST

Dick wrote of the frustration.  You are absolutely right. Experts and popular opinions often have the illogic of something built in and people gloss over it. (like the concept that mtDNA makes a person human) I once read a book by Stephen Mithen on the cognitive development of the archaics.  His thesis was that the mind is like a cathedral with many rooms and only when the doors opened between the rooms did we have the integration to what we are today. He made stupid statements like Neanderthals didn't make bone tools (as if there is some cognitive difference between chipping stone vs. bone and as if Neanderthal bone tools didn't exist. (they do). Over and over during the reading of the book he acted as if discoveries in the archaeological record didn't exist (same thing with Tattersall). If he had acknowledged the existence of contrary data and then said why he didn't believe it it would be ok, but no, he simple wrote as if those excavations had never happened and created a book many people quoted as if it was an authoritative account.


BTW, Terry, I am subscribed on two addresses because sometimes one or the other email of mine simply has trouble being recieved and the mail piles up at the other end.  But, I notice that often one account gets an email from the list and the other doesn't. I don't know why but this is a bit irritating and it may or may not be the listserv's fault.

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