Re: mtDNA Eve and the determination of humanity

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Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 17:03:46 EST
Bill wrote and Jon Tandy endorsed,

>Terry said what I wanted to say -- only much better. Thanks, Terry. It seems to me that since none of the
>interpretation/harmonization schemes is pefect, and they break down at different points, it would be useful to catalog
>the major interpretation/harmonization schemes (including YEC) together with where they fail. The result might be a large >projectable chart that could be presented to a variety of audiences to show the pitfalls and difficulties of trying to
>harmonize Scripture and science. Since it would gore everyone's ox, perhaps it would be a useful teaching tool.

I almost added a response to Terry's comment to the last note.  The biggest thing I hear from people rejecting my views is not that my facts are wrong, or that I have some awful illogicalness (like poling boats upcurrent and uphill). I hear that the constant complaint that Adam is too old to be believable and that he has to be neolithic. ) For some reason we have come to believe that it is logical to have a non-neolithic Adam of 100,000 years ago (who still can't hold the genetic unity of mankind) but not logical to have a non-neolithic Adam of 5 million years ago so that evidences of religion (which clearly do not define humanity for a number of people) and genetics (which shows that some of our genes are that old). We are willing to have the chronologies stretched by double or more but then if one goes and simply does more and moves Adam further back, the rubberband breaks and suddenly what was viewed as logical is no longer viewed as ok? So, I would try to make an observation here that offering something that fits the observational data of science does not ensure success.  And if someone thinks my facts are wrong on something, I would love to be corrected because I would rather have it right than avoid admitting I was wrong.

And one other observation.  When one tries to discuss evidence of an older Adam, people go silent on this list like YECs do about geology.  It is truly amazing, but I think I found the evidence of antiquity  people don't want to accept on this side of the fence.

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