RE: mtDNA Eve and the determination of humanity

From: Jon Tandy <>
Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 16:15:30 EST

I heartily agree. After following this list for a while and reading many
articles on ASA and others, it seems that everyone has valid criticisms of
each other's assertions, but often the "big picture" is lost in the war of
words over individual claims. One theory on reconciling Genesis 1 may sound
reasonable, but how does it fit with the later chronologies, flood geology,
etc, and what difficulties does this bring (theological, scientific,
epistemological, exegetical, etc.) One theory might work well for geology,
but how about for astronomy, or cultural history, biology, etc.

Such a chart if it covered even the main theories and their main branches,
along with the strengths and weaknesses of each, would probably be so
overwhelming to the lay person as to render it ineffective as a teaching
tool. Maybe a series of charts on each of the major over-arching theories,
or a series of charts addressing the various issues and the respective
theories on individual subjects (age of earth/astronomy, flood geology,
biological/species diversity) could help.

Jon Tandy

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Terry said what I wanted to say -- only much better. Thanks, Terry. It
seems to me that since none of the interpretation/harmonization schemes is
pefect, and they break down at different points, it would be useful to
catalog the major interpretation/harmonization schemes (including YEC)
together with where they fail. The result might be a large projectable chart
that could be presented to a variety of audiences to show the pitfalls and
difficulties of trying to harmonize Scripture and science. Since it would
gore everyone's ox, perhaps it would be a useful teaching tool.

Bill Hamilton
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