Evolution a Reason for Racism?

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Date: Thu Feb 23 2006 - 15:55:52 EST

Hi Ted, you wrote:
Nevertheless, there is historical reality to their claim that belief in
evolution promoted racism and Nazism.
I know that you have had the opportunity to modify that statement, but
let me add something. Hitler did believe in the racial superiority of
the Arian race. Being Arian myself, I'm inclined to believe it too :>).
But I am disinclined to believe that evolution played a big part in
Jewish persecution. Hitler had more readily identifiable causes to stir
up hatred for the Jews.
The Jews living in Germany considered themselves to be Jewish first and
to any extent they were "German" was due solely to geographic
happenstance. They isolated themselves and maintained their unique
Jewish customs and culture while living in a foreign land. This made
them readily identifiable and easy targets. Hungarian "gypsies" also
were victims of German persecution for largely the same reason.
Hitler needed a scapegoat to blame for losing WW l, and he sought to
reestablish German pride. The Germans had been suffering under
reparations levied upon them by the allied powers. Their economy was in
shambles, and Hitler gave them a rationale to feel a little better about
So, Hitler hit on blaming the losing of the war on the idea that they
were sold out at home. While German blood was shed on the battlefields
the Jews profiteered on the war and lived in comfort he argued. This
argument hit a raw nerve and gave Hitler a rallying cry that helped
sweep the Nazi party to power.
The Jews were rounded up so they couldn't subvert the war effort a
second time and you know the rest.
Dick Fischer
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