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He was billetted at the HQ of the German command in that part of
the theater. Several nights each week he dined with the officers (he was
fluent in German, as many American scientists of that generation were).
Here is his description of one of the officers, a former university
professor. (quoting Headquarters Nights, pp. 28-29)

"Prof von Flussen is Neo-Darwinian, as are most German biologists and
natural philosophers. The creed of the *Allmacht* of a natural selection
based on violent and inevitable struggle [Ted: Please note the necessitarian
language here end elsewhere] is the gospel of the German intellectuals; all
else is illusion and anathema. ....

"This struggle not only must go on, for that is the natural law, but it
should go on, so that this natural law may work out in its cruel, inevitable
way the salvation of the human species. By its salvation is meant its
desirable natural evolution. That human group which is in the most advanced
evolutionary stage as regards internal organization and form of social
relationship is best, and should, for the sake of the species, be preserved
at the expense of the less advanced, the less effective.
These ideas did not begin with the German Command although they adopted them.

"Benjamin Disraeli, although baptized, developed views on the importance of
racial purity and the superiority of Jewish heredity, in such works as
Coningsby or the New Generation (1844), Tancred, or the New Crusade (1847) and the
non-fictional Lord George Bentinck: a Political Biography (1852). As Rather
(1990, 141ff; see also Field 1981, 215) points out, Disraeli's views on the
importance of racial purity and the role of racial intermixture in the decline of
race and culture antedate the writings of Gobineau and were sufficiently well
known to have been quoted approvingly by Chamberlain in his Foundations (I, 271):
"Let Disraeli teach us that the whole significance of Judaism lies in its
purity of race, that this alone gives it power and duration." "Disraeli rather
than Gobineau - still less Chamberlain - is entitled to be called the father of
nineteenth century racist ideology" (Rather, 1990, 146). Disraeli "may have
been both as a writer and even more as a personal symbol, the most influential
propagator of the concept of race in hte nineteenth century, particularly
publicizing the Jews' alleged taste for power, their sense of superiority, their
mysteriousness, their clandestine international connections, and their arrogant
pride in being a pure race (Lindemann 1997, 77).
Disraeli noted that Jews have risen quickly to positions of prominence in a
wide range of societies despite anti-Semitism. he viewed Jews as a separate
race and believed that the key to their superioroity was that, unlike the other
Caucasian nations, they had retained their racial purity. The inferior races
persecute the Jews, but inevitably, "the other degraded races wear out and
disappear; the Jew remains as determined, as expert, as persevering, as full of
resource and resolution as ever... All which proves that it is in vain for man
to attempt to baffle the inexorable law of nature which has decreed that a
superior race shall never be destroyed or absorbed by an inferior.(Disraeli 1852,
490, 495)""

From Kevin MacDonald's Separation and its Discontents, Praeger,
Westport/London, 1998, Human Evolution, Behavior, and Intelligence, Seymour W. Itzkoff,
Series Editor, 149-150)

From the chapter National Socialism as an Anti-Jewish Group Evolutionary

I highly recommend the book.

rich faussette
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