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> The Washington Post Magazine (Feb 5) has published the best overall
> article
> on ID that I have seen, in terms of its breadth of coverage, accuracy, and
> balance. Here is the URL:
> Ted

I was sent this link some time ago, and thought it a comprehensive and very
informative and useful overview of the issues attending the ID movement's
attack (I think that word is a fair characterization) against biological
evolution. Paul Julienne, who is quoted in the article sent it. Paul is a
member of the Episcopal Church Committee on Science, Technology and Faith, a
contributer to our new Catechism of Creation, and a member of Truro Church,
the very church that the ID advocate highlighted in the article, Carolyn
Crocker, is a member of. She is identified as the wife of the associate
rector. I wish the journalist had covered more of Paul's presentation at
Truro. I know him to be fair-minded and judicious, as well as a thoughtful

If the report of Crocker's presentation on evolution was accurately
portrayed, and I have no reason to doubt so, then it strikes me as a good
example of the kind of extreme polemic against evolution that some ID
advocates are prone to give. It was so one-sided that were I member of the
faculty of this community college, I would strenously object to such a
presentation by anyone teaching biology. I think it borders on the

ID is proving to be attractive to some Episcopalians, especially those who
would identify themselves as conservative and evangelical in their theology
and practice. I want to understand their reasoning better, but among the
few I have had conversations with, I pick up the following. (1) they have
bought the ID argument that "Darwinism" = evolution = atheism, and (2) they
have a very limited underwstanding of the nature of science, sceintific
theory, etc. I also wonder if many of them also reflect the thinking that
lies behind expressions of anxiety I have heard in Q/A sessions: (3) the
power of science is so strong in our culture, and so many people have
implicitly absorbed this, that they feel the need to have a scientific proof
for the existence of God. ID offers this assurance. But, I tell my
audiences, "Science can't prove anything."

Thanks for sending out this article.

Bob Schneider
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