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From: David Randall Gabrielse <>
Date: Wed Feb 22 2006 - 09:47:56 EST

Congratulations, and God Bless You.

As a campus minister working on launching a faith and sustainability
initiative* ere at ISU, I see your opportunity as a blessing and
opportunity. Your proposed program looks good, so I'll just add "Be sure
to get biblical." I am meeting with a number of seniors in Engineering
here. All are evangelical Christians, all have been involved in
sustainable engineering practices and appropriate technology classes or
student groups. But no one had ever helped them see sustainability in
light of their faith. Simply reading Genesis 1, with the repeated word of
God, "And it was good." excited them such that a month (and four meetings)
later they cut time out of almost anything else in their day in order to
come to these discussions. We went from Genesis to the Levitical laws of
gleaning and Jubilee. We then moved to surveying the passages that speak
of "all things" and Jesus as Creator and Lord of all things.

*ISU has a graduate program and two study centers in Sustainable
Agriculture, the Engineering College and many science departments are
working intensely in bio-renewable fuels. As these are the two richest and
largest colleges in the university, and are areas with much Christian
presence, we see it in missional terms as an excellent area to stimulate
discussion among students and faculty about Christianity and its
perspective of Creation Care.
Randy Gabrielse

2/2006 03:12 AM, Oscar Gonzalez wrote:
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>Hello all,
>I have been invited to give a course called "Ecology and Christianity" at
>a Christian Biblical Seminar in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =
>"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Lima, Peru. As far as I
>know, this is the first time than in a Peruvian Evangelical Seminar a
>course such as this is going to be given in Peru. The level has to be very
>basic, some of the students hold a profession (but none related to
>science) and some just know the Bible.
>My main objective is to show Christians the importance of Ecology as a
>Science and get them involved in Conservation, supporting it biblically
>and theologically.
>I am programming the course with these topics:
>- Defining concepts: What is Ecology?
>- Positive and negative interactions between Science and Christianity
>- Responsible stewardship in the bible
>- Environmental ethics
>- Bible environmental teachings
>- Earth resources degradation
>- Sustainable development
>- Prejuices of Christians for not getting into environmentalism
>- Christian responses to care for the Earth: Conservation and education
>I would like your input, can anybody share the program of a course like
>that? what other topics should be considered? what references should not
>be avoided? (I am considering several PSCF articles on the topic)
>Thank you, God bless
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