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                22 feb 06
  Hello all,
  I have been invited to give a course called "Ecology and Christianity" at a Christian Biblical Seminar in Lima, Peru. As far as I know, this is the first time than in a Peruvian Evangelical Seminar a course such as this is going to be given in Peru. The level has to be very basic, some of the students hold a profession (but none related to science) and some just know the Bible.
  My main objective is to show Christians the importance of Ecology as a Science and get them involved in Conservation, supporting it biblically and theologically.
  I am programming the course with these topics:
  - Defining concepts: What is Ecology?
  - Positive and negative interactions between Science and Christianity
  - Responsible stewardship in the bible
  - Environmental ethics
  - Bible environmental teachings
  - Earth resources degradation
  - Sustainable development
  - Prejuices of Christians for not getting into environmentalism
  - Christian responses to care for the Earth: Conservation and education programs
  I would like your input, can anybody share the program of a course like that? what other topics should be considered? what references should not be avoided? (I am considering several PSCF articles on the topic)
  Thank you, God bless

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