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Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 13:30:06 EST

--- wrote:
>Bill Hamilton wrote:

>>I think you are making the assumption "not descended from Adam = not human."
But if Dick is
>>right, Adam was
>>commissioned to tell others about the Living God

>But, where does it say that in the Bible?
I'd like to hear Dick's answer to that one -- not that Dick is the only person
who takes this view. I believe Roy Clouser expressed a similar view in an
article in PSCF a few years ago. I agree that I see no commission in the
opening chapters of Genesis. There _is_ a commission to Abraham in Gen 12:3b.
Possibly Adam's mission was imply to begin the line of God's people. The
missionary work was left to later generations.

>Why the story of the rib?
Since all creatures were made from the earth, it's not too much of a stretch to
say that if God took a creature or a human and transformed him by making him
aware of God, then God made Adam from the dust of the earth. But if God did
this, then Adam was unique, and would need a unique mate. So God made him a
mate. Not that Adam and Eve were necessarily the first humans, but they were
the first to know God.

Why the story of teaching Adam the animal names?
Possibly God wanted to emphasize that Adam was his authority on earth. When
you name something -- according to the ancients -- you gain authority over it.

>As to me not being human, I certainly am NOT making that mistake. It is my
wife who is a descendant
>of Dick's Adam, but I am most assuredly human (in spite of her constant doubt
of that fact) My point
>is not that I am making that mistake; but that others WILL make that mistake.
And that would raise
>the racism card.

Why is your wife a descendant of Adam and you not? Did you make an arbitrary
choice? Or is this chivalry? Or...? (Not that this has anything to do with the
current subject, but you've made me curious)
I have to agree with Iain, though: people find plenty of reasons for playing
the race card without invoking something so obscure and nebulous as
descent/nondescent from Adam. In Belgium the Flemish hate the Waloons because
of differences lin language, for cryin' out loud.



>>-- the first missionary. It would seem that interpreting Genesis Dick's way
leads to the inevitable
>>conclusion that Adam's
>>contemporaries _were_ human -- and that God loved them enough to send Adam to
them and
>>several thousand years
>>later to send Jesus Christ to them. [/quote]

>So, why didn't God simply say that? Why the mumbo jumbo and the need for Dick
to tell us what God
>actually mean to say? (I know Dick, like Dick, am proud to have him as a
friend and think he is one of
>the finest fellows on earth), but Dick as God's interpretor is a bit scarey.

>As to how the YECs have received my views? Why would you ask me to tell you

>>Sorry -- it's just an expression

>Mei wen ti (no problem)

>>Absolutely not. But perhaps it means one ought to continually search for
alternative explanations --
>>that still meet the
>>test of plausibility in view of all the evidence -- but that might be more
palatable to conservative

>I have known even before you reviewed my first book that if I could find a
younger flood I would be
>able to sell the concept. But, I will tell you this, I would rather fit the
facts than play to the
>preconceptions of the audience. One gets ahead in apologetics IF and only if
you tell the readers what
>they already want to hear. But that is intellectual prostitution and I won't
engage in it. Since I have had
>a serious cancer (so far so good) I have to think about my impact on the
world. Here is my
>assessment: my name will quickly be forgotten by theologians and all of what
I have done will be for
>naught. I still won't be an intellectual prostitute.

I don't mean tell 'em what they want to hear. At some point the Christian
community needs to recognize that they have a problem with science that they
had better fix if they don't want to lose their kids and lose their ability to
influence society. That fix has to be consistent with Biblical revelation, and
we haven't found it yet. We need to keep looking. And we need to continue to
search for ways of telling our story that are truthful _and_ will be heard. We
aren't there yet.

Bill Hamilton
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"...If God is for us, who is against us?" Rom 8:31

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