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Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 10:14:03 EST

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> Iain wrote:
> >Glenn, I think you'll have to explain why you don't think this verse
> solves the issue. You are concerned that people will
> >use descended/non-descended status from Adam as an excuse for rascism.
> Well ... I have to admit that people have
> >found much simpler excuses for rascism, like colour of skin for example.
> People are always going to be like that, Christian
> >or not. The South African reformed church, I'm given to believe, used
> the story of Noah's curse on Canaan (Genesis 9?)
> >as an excuse to justify apartheid, for another example.
> >Does that get me a discount on the $4 ? How much does a Starbuck's cost
> anyway? ;-))
> Shoot, I will buy the latte for you if we ever meet.

Can I have whipped cream on top? ;-))

While I agree that there is no excuse for racism and I agree with your
> interpretation of Galatians, I also see no reason to tempt fate
> unnecessarily. All interps of Gensis chose their poison. Having seen the
> effects of racism (anti-arabic racism) directed towards members of the
> family, I prefer to chose another poison.

Glenn, I truly sympathise that you have experienced rascism directed towards
your family - I have not directly experienced it in my family, I have seen
the ugly effect of it on people I know (particularly Jewish friends, and in
inverse, a colleague of mine who had a German wife had his son bullied at
school by being called a F*****g Nazi). However, I can't really agree that
minimization of the poison of rascism is the criterion on which to choose
the interpretation of Genesis, and do not feel that descendedness from Adam
is a likely major cause of rascism, compared to, say colour of skin,
religion, nationality. Eg Jews and Arabs both trace their descendency back
to Abraham and that doesn't stop rascism. Not to mention Protestants and
Catholics in Northern Ireland ...

Do you know the Tom Lehrer song "National Brotherhood Week" ?


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