Re: Get out the vote

From: Carol or John Burgeson <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 10:02:06 EST

        Chuck wrote: " If the "You Name It" party had, in its
platform, a sturdy YEC plank, would you be happy if one of your fellow
parishioners or somebody on your church council gave this party your name
and address?"

Probably not. But the issue is not my happiness, but (1) the legality and
(2) the morality of the action.

I had not thought of the privacy issue when I wrote the post. It seems to
have something to do with the morality of the action. Information
nowadays gets passed around so easily. My address is in the phone book --
I guess I implicitly have given anyone that information to use.

All in all I doubt if I'd do it -- even for a "good cause." But that's a

The book I've reviewed below has more ...

Burgy (Review of THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY)
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