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From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 08:06:06 EST

> For Iain Strachan who wrote:
> >Doesn't Galatians 3:26-29 answer this objection?
> >26You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, 27 for all of
> you who were baptized into Christ have clothed >yourselves with Christ. 28There
> is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all
> one in Christ >Jesus. 29If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's
> seed, and heirs according to the promise.
> >
> >Glenn, it truly doesn't matter if you're descended from Adam or not.
> Your faith in Jesus Christ puts you on an equal >footing with everyone
> else. You're as good as descended from Abraham.
> I know it is this way but you and I both know that when people start using
> that view, it will end up wrong. When people like Hugh Ross say that people
> who behaved just as we do are nothing more than 'bipedal hominids', you know
> there is a problem. Shoot, even Turing would say that if they behave just
> like us, they ARE us.
> >
> >People might choose to have a rascist theology, but then this passage
> emphatically declares that such a theology is plain >WRONG.
> That and $4 will buy you a Starbucks. That passage was written because
> those descended from Abraham were looking down their noses at those not. But
> that doesn't mean that that verse solves the issue.

Mine's a Latte!

Glenn, I think you'll have to explain why you don't think this verse solves
the issue. You are concerned that people will use descended/non-descended
status from Adam as an excuse for rascism. Well ... I have to admit that
people have found much simpler excuses for rascism, like colour of skin for
example. People are always going to be like that, Christian or not. The
South African reformed church, I'm given to believe, used the story of
Noah's curse on Canaan (Genesis 9?) as an excuse to justify apartheid, for
another example.

The fact is the bible says that if you belong to Christ, you are effectively
descended from Abraham, and are heirs to the same promise. If people choose
to ignore the fact that we are all one in Christ Jesus, then I really don't
think that moving the date of Adam back 5My is really going to change very
much. The verse might have been written to counter a specific form of
rascism (Abraham's descendents according special status to themselves), but
as a general statement, it destroys ANY excuse for rascism IMO.

As a side issue, I think this verse also counters another familiar YEC ploy,
which is to extol the "fact" that we are all descended from Noah, to show
that we are all "one blood", and therefore can't be rascist. This verse
totally busts that argument because it is saying that spiritual descendency
is the issue, not biological descendency.

Does that get me a discount on the $4 ? How much does a Starbuck's cost
anyway? ;-))


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