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>I was resisting the temptation to get into this topic again with Glenn until I saw this from him. I am one who has given the example of
>the Good Samaritan in discussions with him & he always avoids the issue - although by saying that people "try this one" he makes it >sound like some kind of trick that he's seen through. The point is that the story doesn't need to be historical narrative in order that
>express the truth that Jesus uses it for. Sure, this could be an account of something that really happened but but there's not a shred
>of evidence that it was.

  George, you are not the only one who has used the Samaritan, many have. And maybe that story doesn't NEED to be historical, but, the statement 'in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth' DOES NEED to be historical. If it isn't then it is the claim of a group of neolithic delusionals. How do we know if Jehovah was the one who created the world in light of the fact that thousands of other gods claim the same thing? The only way I know is if the account has something real about it. Once again I don't know what is so difficult about that concept. It isn't like this is high school math or anything.

  Calling the creation of time "historical" is questionable but I'll accept that for now. But it simply doesn't follow that God creating Adam from the dust &c (which isn't even in the same account) needs to be historical narrative.

  But we've gone over all that more than enough. Let me get to the heart of the matter. The reason I believe that the God of Israel, & not Ugabugga, The Great Green Slug, or any other supposed deity is the creator of the universe is that the God of Israel is who Jesus looked to & trusted in as his Father. & thus the whole discussion shifts - or ought to shift - to the question of whether Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God. & the evidence relevant to that has to do with the life & death & resurrection of Jesus.

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