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Date: Sun Feb 19 2006 - 20:08:46 EST

Glenn wrote:

> No, I don't think like a fundamentalist, I think more like an atheist on
> these issues. I am merely asking you all the questions my atheist friends ask
> me. And I for one can't find anything wrong with the questions logically or
> scientifically. Why is logic excluded in religion?

But actually, binary thinking is very typical of atheists on skeptic lists.
As you are quite aware, many atheists are actually former Christians
who were fed that YEC propaganda, although in this case, I'm not so sure
this is what you are talking about.

Yet even for those who are not, and it is more possible to have an
conversation with them, you're forgetting that we do not come to God by
our own strength and power, but by Grace. I cannot think that I would have
accepted Christ even with your plausible ideas. I agree more with your view
of fossil man that Hugh Ross, and I probably would have been less hostile
than I
was to those creationists that I selected many unchristian words to describe.

But if I think back to my reasoning in those days before I was saved, I would
rejected your ideas too.

The problem is that assessing facts would at best lead you to a neutral
I don't think it would even get that far, but maybe I am wrong. I considered

Christians something less than intelligent for a long time. Of course, the
I came into contact with were only these creationists. Ironically, what
prompted my exit from atheism was probably an atheist. That first walk to
the door
of a church was the longest and most difficult walk I ever made. There might
as well have been a hurricane blowing against me. So creationist can claim
on saving me. The Lord saved me. I came to accept Christ in spite of their
greatest efforts to hurry me down the road to perdition by their convoluted

So maybe I might have been less hostile in a world where such absurdity was
not espoused as truth, but I would not believe miracles and Christ as the
son of God under any circumstance.

by Grace we proceed,
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