Re: Believe it even if it isn't true theology

From: jack syme <>
Date: Sun Feb 19 2006 - 20:05:52 EST

I said:
"Our belief is special only because of the real historical existence of Christ, his ministry, the miracles he performed, his crucifixion,
and resurrection. If these things are not true, then we are to be pitied. That is how our scriptures are different than the green slug,
zoraster, Mormanism, etc."

Glenn answered:
"As my atheist friends (who dont pity us) say, provide any objective evidence for those miracles and the resurrection, please. We can beleive it, and we can beleive all the miracles (but for some strange reason belief in miracles ceases when it comes to talking snakes), but so what--that is merely basing our religion upon our personal belief. If that is what we are doing we should admit it openly rather than talk nonsense about how we know that an uttlerly false account of the creation teaches true theology."

My response:
Our responsibility is to present the gospel. We are powerless to make to make people believers or not, that is up to the Holy Spirit. Those that are predestined to be unbelievers will always find something lacking in the physical evidence, will always question the Truth.
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