RE: Believe it even if it isn't true theology

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Sun Feb 19 2006 - 14:53:21 EST

Timothy wrote:
Probably none Mr. Fischer, but that does not mean one can not learn from
such scholarship. I have learned more about the Bible and how it should
be read from Maimonides, than from any other author, and I have read
more books by Christian authors on the use and reading of Bible than I
can easily remember.
And I have a master's degree in theology. The point I should have taken
the time to make instead of such a brief rejoinder was that Jewish
scholarship can be as flawed as Christian scholarship. And to think
that their privileged genealogical status makes them better Bible
expositors by birthright isn't necessarily true.

Your comment is of mean intention and it betrays an arrogance which is
Sorry you saw it that way. Hopefully, you'll get to know us better.
P.S. Nothing against Maimonides, but try Gleason Archer.
Dick Fischer
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