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In a reply to David you said: "In True Religion, Adam falls. His fall is the
development of self consciousness"

How do you know that is the True Religion? Because you say so? That simply
isn't good enough for me. What IS your evidence that this is the True Religion
with capital letters?

Don't you see, that is what this discussion is really about?

No, not because I say so. You don't know the psychology and couldn't see the
significance of all the information in the story. The story describes
instinctive behavior precisely the way psychologists do. The story describes learned
behavior precisely the way psychologists do. The story describes a transition
from instinctive to learned behavior, a transition only achieved by man. So do
evolutionists describe a transition only achieved by man, and each
transition, the evolutionary one and the Biblical one includes the development of the
"self," but most amazingly, in the nag hamadi texts, Jesus specifically says, if
you can walk around naked without being ashamed, you won't have any fear
either, a statement that is ontologically, theologically and evolutionarily true
for a creature without "self consciousness" and requires Jesus to understand
Adam and Eve the way I am explaining it because Jesus actually describes not
the fall, but the redemption, meaning he is explicating my reading of the
allegory in reverse an impossible feat to do if he didn't uderstand it the way I am
explaining it
Creatures without self consciousness, have little to no ontological anxiety
(fear). Since they lack a well developed sense of self, they are not ashamed to
walk around naked.

When your behavior is instinctive, you have the law written on your heart,
you obey God instinctively.

Glenn, I could go on and on. There is nothing there, in canon or out, that
refutes a Darwinian reading of these allegories, nothing. It's right in front of
you, plain as day.

rich faussette
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