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The great problem, the one to which we point only with care is this: what
wiil be allegory and what will be somrthing more.

Among Jewish scholars would you be thinking of Maimonides?

Timothy E. Kennelly
I've done the Adam and Eve and Jacob and Esau stories. They are allegories.
They are not historical because their structure is too perfect. The next one
I'm going to tackle is the Joseph story which builds on the truths displayed in
the two previous stories.
According to the bible historian Donald B. Redford, the Joseph story "is a
composition rather than a record." Egypt, Canaan and Israel in Ancient Times
(Princeton U. Press) ppgs. 422-429.

That is an indication that my analysis is correct. I have only to set it on
paper though Redford has done much of the analysis already. What remains is to
show how it is a projection of what happens earlier in Genesis.

No, I am not thinking of maimonides or the kabbalists. I read the allegories
directly from a Darwinian perspective (do it, it's the logical thing to do).

The kabbalists tell of a "secret of nature in genesis," but do not elaborate
on what that secret is, although a Darwinian reading clearly shows it is

rich faussette
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