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And how many of these Jewish scholars accept Jesus as the Messiah? How did
they miss that one?
And abandon their essential Jewishness for Christian universalism?

You missed the post on Nachshon? and how the hasidic lubavitchers describe
their messiah? Precisely the way we know Jesus.

But in your haste to make a point, you miss the essential point. Tha apostles
were Jews. so when you can explain why some Jews embraced him and other Jews
rejected him THEN, I'm sure we can assume the same reasons for why most Jews
reject him and some Jews accept him NOW.

If you read the post on the rabbinical commentary of exodus and genesis
regarding Abraham walking into the river that disappears and Nachshon walking into
the Red sea over his head you plainly see that the qualities of the Hasidic
messiah are identical to those of Jesus as messiah who neither causes the water
to disappear or sinks into it over his head before the waters part. No, Jesus
does one better than Abraham or Nachshon. He walks on the water. Both
rabbinical commentaries and Jesus' walking on water share the very essential
qualities of the messiah.

There is one essential difference between each religion. The primacy of faith
over blood in Christianity and the primacy of blood in Judaism.

There is a new book out that interviews 100 Jews on their lives. I pored over
it at the book store. Many of them express pride in their Jewishness and
their Jewish race, even using the word race. Can you imagine Christians expressing
the same? To Christianity, race is transparent, not to Judaism. For Jews to
accept Jesus and the primacy of faith over blood, endangers their bloodlines
that stretch far back into antiquity.

They know this. When I was on tour in northern Italy, I asked the Jewish tour
guide about Romans. He explained the importation of slaves into the Roman
Empire and stretched out his hands toward the countryside and said," There are no
Romans anymore. The people you see are Italians." It was not a compliment.
Then he went on to tell the group about how Jews had survived the Roman Empire
while the Roman upper classes died out.

rich faussette
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