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Date: Sat Feb 18 2006 - 21:28:54 EST

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 Is it ok for us to believe that which is untrue while at the same time telling
the YEC that he must cease believing that which is untrue?
Absolutely not.

That is a question which is separate from whether or not Rich recanted from
what he wrote. I see the fundamental questions in life revolving around what
is TRUE, not around what we can ignore and still believe.

I'm not going to get into the issue of whether Genesis is allegorical or not.
I happen to believe it's history. But that doesn't mean I believe that an
allegorical interpretation would be untrue. Allegories teach fundamental truths
about human nature and (if you believe Genesis is allegorical) about the
relationship of God to man.
Is it really grand and glorious to believe that which is utterly false? If all
the Bible teaches us about is feelings and unverifiable ditties, I would ask
the question of whether or not it is really worth much. After all there are
lots of books teaching unverifiable ditties, like Dianetics, the Book of
Mormon, the Lord of the Rings, etc ad nauseum And that brings back the question
of whether it is ok for the great green slug believer to say his religion is
true because it too teaches unverifiable ditties.

The Bible teaches that Christians are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. It teaches
that God wants to build relationships with humans. I bedlieve that because I
have experienced it. Without the testimony of the Holy Spirit, all the _facts_
in the world are useless. Archaeologists have found the Bible to be an
excellent guide to the ancient Middle East. That's great, but it would be
filthy rags without the testimony of the Holy Spirit.

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