Re: Anti-Evolution (or non-evolution) in Non-Natural Sciences

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Once a scientist claims ‘evolution is universal’ they forfeit their claim to
being a scientist.
Gregory Arago
“Among primitive men, the customs which stand in place of laws, embody the
ideas and feelings of past generations; and, religiously conformed to as they
are, exhibit the rule of the dead over the living… bodies of laws regarded as
supernaturally given by the traditional god of the race, originating in the way
shown, habitually tend to restrain the anti-social actions of the individuals
towards one another, and to enforce concerted action in the dealings of the
society with other societies: in both ways conducing to social cohesion…
Ecclesiastical institutions maintain and strengthen social bonds, and so conserve the
social aggregate; and they do this in large measure by conserving beliefs,
sentiments, and usages which evolved during earlier stages of the society, are
shown by its survival to have had an approximate fitness to the requirements,
and are likely still to have it in great measure.”

Herbert Spencer, On Social Evolution, Selected Writings, J.D.Y. Peel editor
(Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1972) p. 156

Th transition from instinct to learned behavior is a human universal and is
manifested the world over in eastern and western mystical traditions.

rich faussette
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