Anti-Evolution (or non-evolution) in Non-Natural Sciences

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sat Feb 18 2006 - 17:52:31 EST

 Though this list is primarily composed of natural and applied scientists, the fact that all are Christians may lead to a measure of charity based on the actual existence of other so-called ‘scientists’ in non-naturalistic realms that also use evolutionary theories.
  Just today, while reading H. Spencer (who apparently never read a scientific text through to the end, according to his secretary), two statements/quotations jumped out at me that may be relevant to some of the conversations currently being held at ASA. They are as follows:
  “That division of Biology which concerns itself with the origin of species, I hold to be the supreme division, to which all others are subsidiary. For on the verdict of Biology on this matter, must wholly depend our conception of human nature, past, present, and future; our theory of the mind; and our theory of society.”
  “Beginning with causal agents conceived as imperfectly known; progressing to causal agents conceived as less known and less knowable; and coming at last to a universal causal agent posited as not to be known at all; the religious sentiment must ever continue to occupy itself with this universal causal agent. Having in the course of evolution come to have for its object of contemplation, the Infinite Unknowable, the religious sentiment can never again (unless by retrogression) take a Finite Knowable, like Humanity, for its object of contemplation.” (Reasons for Dissenting from the Philosophy of M. Comte,” 1864)
  The 'verdict of Biology' and 'never taking humanity as an object of contemplation.'
  Perhaps these thoughts may contribute to a getting-outside-the-box of scientific politics in America. It is becoming evident lately that this list-serve is not limited to American politics and that, in a global sense politics does not and should not determine the actual science anyway. Isn’t that what scientists speaking about science and for science is really about?
  Once a scientist claims ‘evolution is universal’ they forfeit their claim to being a scientist.
  Gregory Arago
  “Absolutism is relatively absolutistic; relativism is absolutely relativistic.” – Peter Kreeft

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