Re: Theism & MNS

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Sat Feb 18 2006 - 15:22:29 EST

Timothy Kennelly wrote:

> Mr. Miller,
> I must indicate profound disagreement with the statement below.
> Modern Natural Science must of necessity work with the assumption
> that there is not an active deity. With respect to the natural
> world God (or god) does nothing. One might also argue for nature's
> god in which case god does everything, but alway in a manner which
> is understandable in rational terms.
> >[Science] says nothing about how God might interact with the
> natural world. Science pursues truth within very narrow limits.

Science as a discipline cannot make any conclusion with regard to the
existence or action of God. It does not matter if that God is
conceived as having broken chains of cause-and-effect or not. As I
stated in my previous post, a "miraculous" action of God (in the
popular sense of breaking chains of cause-and-effect) would merely be
perceived as a gap in our current understanding (if perceived at
all). That gap in understanding would not be distinguishable from
current ignorance. Because science is restricted to understanding
the natural world in terms of natural causes and entities it cannot
make metaphysical statements about the supernatural.


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