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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sat Feb 18 2006 - 14:51:46 EST

"All Christians - all theists - believe in "intelligent design" in some sense."

  Yes, there seems an inevitability for Christians to believe in 'intelligent design' in some sense. But I wonder if you could answer to the alternative question. Is it inevitable for Christians - all theists - to believe in 'evolution' in some sense? If so, then in what sense do you mean?
  This question is not meant in any political sense whatsoever. I am not in America. But I wonder in what sense Americans (or Ohio-ans) *must* accept evolution.
George Murphy <> wrote:
          There is also the fact that "critical analysis" is the latest anti-evolution euphemism in the line of "creation science" - "origins science" - "intelligent design." They get increasingly subtle. "Creation science" was pretty obviously YEC stuff. But investigating origins scientifically seemed OK. All Christians - all theists - believe in "intelligent design" in some sense. & what scientist could object to "critical analysis" of a theory? But when we realize that it's only evolutionary theory (& related areas of science like the age of the earth) that are to be "critically analyzed" ...

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