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Mr. Fausette,

I can imagine a far worse "worst case scenario." It would be imprudent and
impious to speak of such things here; what is more, it is hardly in the
interest of every good Christian to face such a thing.

Warmest Regards,

Timothy E. Kennelly

It is neither. The churches are under attack and liberalizing because you
can't rationally explicate their value from your pulpits and the imprudent and
impious secular humanists are laughing at your failure and removing you from the
public arena.

I agree, it is not in the interest of EVERY good Christian to face such a
thing. Some people have more understanding than others. A simple man who follows
the literal text will BEHAVE the same way as a Christian scientist who
apprehends the allegories. The bible addresses each of us at our level of
apprehension. The Jewish scholars who study their own texts explicitly state this. That
is what the allegories are for!

That's why I came to Christian scientists. You have the intellect. You can
understand the allegories if you want to and apprehend the rational efficacy of
Christian beliefs and practices.

And you know that when Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem, he was facing this
very thing, and he says do not use your intellect to understand the law, apply
faith, just write it on your heart.
To rationally justify writing the law on your heart, you have to know its
implications, rationally, personally, communally, for the kingdom of God Jesus
said was here on earth, the one we can't see, which can be seen by rationally
apprehending the law.

That's what my review of Darwin's Cathedral revealed:

rich faussette
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