Re: Theism & MNS

From: Timothy Kennelly <>
Date: Sat Feb 18 2006 - 12:25:11 EST

Mr. Faussette,
  A good observation on your part, as I have used the term faith without care. In any case, I might have said the understanding which obtains in a religious community and is sustained by faith. By way of example, the understanding in the Christian church that Christ, a real historical person, died and rose again from the daed. This understanding is supported or sustained by faith. The teaching is rejected of necessity by MNS as it requires an active deity.
  Timothy E. Kennelly wrote:
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  Faith understands the event in one way science in another, it is folly to suggest ther e might be peaceful co-existence between the two.
  Faith does not understand.
  rich faussette

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