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This illustrates what is so wrong with the liberal apologetic. It is the same
thing that I complain about with the
allegorical/metaphorical/accommodationalist(Hencerforth the AMA) approach to Genesis. Let me say this louldly

If Jesus were proven to have only been a man tomorrow, I would no longer
regard him as the Son of God.
As an avid anthropologist, you should know better. You left out the deeds I
listed that identify Jesus as the Son of God primary among them dying rather
than betray the law which was written on his heart, like a sheep with no
hesitation, no wrestling with God, just obedience. Did Jesus say he was concerned
about whether or not genesis was literal or allegorical? No, he had faith. He did
his father's will. Do you demand more than he deserved?

Let me also correct you. The Darwinian understanding of the bible IS the
conservative understanding, not the liberal apologetic. If you could get past
genesis and exodus you would see the necessary conservatism of Leviticus, but you
can't get past the allegorical nature of genesis.

Let me say this loudly. Every Jewish scholar of significance, says genesis is
allegorical and was never meant to be taken literally.

You are also presenting a hypothetical when you say IF Jesus was proven to be
a man. That will never happen. There is no proof of disproof of that.
Miracles are suspensions of the natural law and you cannot reproduce them at will in
the lab. If you could, they would no longer be miracles.

THAT is the situation you are in, but you don't face it. How do you move past
not being able to rationally determine the nature of Jesus' ontology?

With faith, which submits to the law intuitively and acts without

The whole message of Jesus is rejected by your demands for proof. Yes, I know
it is a paradox. That's why Jesus spoke in parables and that's the hurdle you
must jump.

rich faussette
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