Re: The death of the RTB model

From: Timothy Kennelly <>
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 21:03:07 EST

Mr. Fausette,
  I can imagine a far worse "worst case scenario." It would be imprudent and impious to speak of such things here; what is more, it is hardly in the interest of every good Christian to face such a thing.
  Warmest Regards,
  Timothy E. Kennelly

By your implication, Dick. I use my mind to apprehend what I can understand. I use my faith when my mind fails. Faith was good enough for Jesus. It is good enough for me.
Face the worst case scenario, Dick. What if Jesus was only a man and knew he would not be saved, but sacrificed himself anyway so that we would have an archetype, a role model, a man who knew
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