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 There's an interesting item that showed up on the Slate magazine website today under the subheading "DNA evidence is rattling Mormonism". The gist of it is that according to the book of Mormon, central and south Americans are descendants of the Jews. Unfortunately DNA evidence gives no sign of Middle Eastern genes; rather it indicates an Asian source. I point it out as an analogy to some of the discussion on this list. Rather than "rattling Mormonism", it apparently is having little or no affect on most Mormons, who either reject the science or just ignore it. Which is what historian Jim Moore not-so-subtly pointed out for evangelicals in his article in the Noll, Livingstone, Hart volume on science and evangelicals a few years ago (sorry I'm vague; I don't have the book in front of me).
Karl V. Evans
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Pim van Meurs wrote:
> Why do some reject science so easily?
There are at least 4 possibibilities.
1. They may not understand science. They may not be able to make the proper inference from the statistical evidence. If 90% of lung cancer patients are heavy smokers and heavy smokers constitute less than 90% of the population, then that alone is strong evidence that smoking leads to an increase in the incidence of lung cancer. The fact that heavy smokers can play a form of Russian roulette with a good chance of success is irrelevant to the previous inference.
2. Their emotions may prevent a rational assessment.
3. The findings of scientists may be too threatening to them for various reasons (economical, political, religious, ...), so they ignore the findings.
4. They may simply not trust scientists.
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