RE: Jerry Falwell -- global warming is "junk science"

From: David Randall Gabrielse <>
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 16:24:39 EST

>So let me add something to the mix which may confuse some
>Global warming may mean local cooling in some areas. Imagine that...

No confusion, but here's the rub. If the climate does change or if the
glaciers are melting, the direction of change doesn't matter that much,
except in some areas that are already extreme in temperature, the
dislocation or required re-adjustment in lifestyle of hundreds of millions
of people will impose huge costs across much of the globe.

-If the glaciers are melting as fast as reported (an empirical issue
regardless of cause), low-lying sea coasts where ever-increasing numbers of
people dwell (particularly in Asia) will be inundated, regardless of the
local effects of climate change. (That is why the Tsunami had such
devastating effects.)

-A few degrees up or down could dramatically change crop yields in areas
where crops are intensively produced to feed much of the world's
population. (I live in Iowa)

-A few degrees up in the American Southwest, and the air-conditioning that
has made population-intense living possible would dramatically increase in
cost, particularly with recent increases in fuel prices (whether at home or
at the power plant) leading to A) increased impoverishment or B)
dislocation of much of these populations.

-Do we really want to know what a significant rise in sea level would do to
the new New Orleans?

Randy Gabrielse
Ames, IA
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