RE: Jerry Falwell -- global warming is "junk science"

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 15:53:10 EST

At 03:19 PM 2/17/2006, Ted Davis wrote:
> >>> Janice Matchett <> 02/17/06 2:02 PM >>>writes:
>### The bottom line FACT is that only 10% of HEAVY smokers develop
>lung cancer.
>How any given person will choose to "interpret" that fact won't be
>based upon his IQ or education - it will instead be based upon his
>emotional maturity.
>Ted responds:
>If there is an argument above, Janice, I fail to find it. What in
>the world, pray tell, does one's emotional maturity have to do with
>establishing the link between smoking and lung cancer? ...."

### It takes emotional maturity to have the courage to face the
truth about anything.

In spite of all the propaganda people have been fed that leads them
by the nose to believe the exact opposite, the truth to be faced is
this: 90% of the link between smoking and lung cancer has to do
with personal genetic susceptibility.

The link between smoking and cancer involves a PERSONAL GENETIC
SUSCEPTIBILITY in 90% of the cases. Only 10% of heavy smokers
develop the disease, suggesting involvement of a personal genetic

Does anyone think that the "second-hand smoke" police will be eager
to embrace the "first hand smoke" facts above and want them
disseminated widely??

Riiiiight ~ Janice
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