Re: Jerry Falwell -- global warming is "junk science"

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 14:24:10 EST

At 01:36 PM 2/17/2006, George Murphy wrote:

>On 20 January I sent the following to Janice & the list in reply to
>some comments of hers in the same spirit as below about global warming:

## Sorry, but I was traveling and didn't see it

>Janice -
>Could you please explain (i.e., actually explain, not just give a
>link to some one else's views or a smart alec remark) how saying
>that human activity has had a particular effect on the environment
>cuts God down to human level? Does divine sovereignty mean that God
>always keeps our actions from having deleterious effects?
>& note that these questions are quite independent of whether or not
>the above claim about the Gulf is correct, or what my views on the
>matter are. & please spare us any rhetoric about fascism &c.
>She has never replied. Now (below) she is repeating the same sort
>of claim, that people who were concerned about non-degradable
>plastics were ignoring God.

### Thanks not my implication.

If you had read my previous comments on this subject, you would know
that I believe there are only two religions. Arminians (even the
ones sitting in the pews among, or presuming to actually "teach"
those who hold to the biblical worldview) have a god they can't
trust because he is too small.

Among other their other faulty beliefs, they think God "needs" them.

>Janice never states a coherent environmental theology and only
>ridicules those who are concerned about environmental problems. It
>seems to me that the only reasonable inference from her statements
>is that she does indeed think that God will always keep our actions
>from having deleterious effects. If this is correct then it would
>be instructive if she would explain how she reaches that
>conclusion. If this inference is wrong then it would be helpful if
>she would explain what she does mean when she repeatedly accuses
>those who warn of environmental problems of ignoring divine
>sovereignty, cutting God down to size, &c. & if she doesn't want to
>do either & thus make any genuine contribution to conversations,
>then she should have the courtesy to keep quiet.

### Were you on auto-pilot during that exchange I had with you when
I tried to explain the difference between conservation and extreme
evironmentalist whackoism? You'll find that exchange in the archives
if you missed it the first time.

~ Janice
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