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At 07:56 AM 2/17/2006, Kenneth Piers wrote:
>Friends: I have been lurking on this discussion, but can not resist
>some comment. Today's Washington
> has
>a story about much faster-than-expected meltback of the Greenland
>icecap and mountain glaciers around the world. It seems to me that
>the evidence in support of the hypothesis that global warming is
>largely caused by excessive human use of fossil fuels is about as
>strong as (or stronger than) the 1960's evidence in support of the
>hypothesis that smoking is significantly responsible for lung
>cancer, even though at that time there were many who denied that
>hypothesis too. ..."

### Here is an inconvenient fact which you may not have seen since
it doesn't fit the template of leftist, junk-science promoting
publications like the NY Times or the Washington Post:

90% of hospitalized lung cancer patients are smokers. However, only
10% of heavy smokers develop the disease, suggesting involvement of a
personal genetic susceptibility. ..." More:

And remember when the "save the planet" chicken littles were wringing
their hands over how we had to do away with plastics because they
were not degradable in the garbage dumps? Of course, they weren't
banking on a God whose creation is capable of handling non-problems
like man-made plastics [or anything else].

Google search words:1 - 10 of about 73,600 for
the day

Tip of the iceberg excerpts:

World: Eating TRASH - bugs that eat garbage could help
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. ... For more Oil toxin-eating microbes,
log on to: ... mi_m1590/is_13_57/ai_73537926 - 32k

Library - Science
Pollution-Eating Microbes (Michigan State University) ... It is a
plastic tube with both ends heated, pinched, and sealed, and with a
particular type of ...
Science/Ecology/Water_Conservation.html - 58k -

Ill Wind: Books: Kevin J. Anderson,Doug Beason
... spill in San Francisco Bay by dropping genetically engineered
oil-eating microbes on it, ... Read Mutant 59: Plastic Eaters
instead, August 6, 2000 ... tg/detail/-/0812550188?v=glance - 99k -


And then we can't forget about ole Mr. Sun:

100,000-year climate pattern linked to Sun's magnetic cycles

Climate history:

<>Greenland Ice
Swells Ocean Rise
^ | 2-16-2006 | Paul Ricon

".....We are concerned because we know that sea levels have been able
to rise much faster in the past - 10 times faster. ...."

[snip] Click link and refresh browser to read article.

Glaciers Melting at Faster Rate (Or ARE they?)
News ^ | February 17, 2006 | Andrew Bridges

[snip] Click link and refresh browser to read article.

Some comments on this subject:

"From the article it sounds as though there is close to 5M cubic km
of ice left which would take about 22,000 years to melt at 220 cubic
km per year. When it gets to 2,000 cubic km per year, let me know
and I'll start

"It's too bad liberals weren't around at the end of the ice age when
all the glaciers were retreating. They could have blamed the warming
on dinosaur flatulence."

"Actually, methane, the natural by-product of horse digestion, is a
far more efficient greenhouse gas than is co2. Molecule for molecule,
it warms the atmosphere 2 or 3 times as much as co2.

The oceans circulate for two primary reasons: one, the rotation of
the Earth, and two, to maintain the equilibrium of temperature and
salinity, which causes thermohaline circulation.
At the end of the last glacial period, the Earth's temperature was
warming. Very suddenly, the trend reversed itself, and for about 1000
years - a period called the "Younger Dryas" - the global temperature
was much colder, and the coldest place was Europe. The cause of this
was the release of a immense flood of meltwater, from the continental
glaciers on North America, down what is now the St. Lawrence River
and St. Lawrence seaway into the high North Atlantic. This flood of
freshwater effectively shut down the normal thermohaline circulation
pattern (mainly by stopping the formation of deepwater because the
fresh water would not sink, as it had a lighter density than
seawater). Because the cold was not shunted away into the deep ocean
by deepwater formation, it remained in the atmosphere, causing the
Younger Dryas cold period. A similar event of lesser magnitude is
believed to have occurred 8200 years ago. .....the possibility of
it happening in the future is backed up by clear data showing that it
happened in the past.

"This is a dangerous, human-induced climate change," As is,
obviously, the melting of the polar caps on Mars!

"Let's see if I understand this, so the mini-ice age that seems to be
the research hot topic this year, that started in the 1300's and
lasted to the 1800's, could have been prevented if civilization would
have stopped had society imposed a tax on fossil fuels.... "

No, no, no--you got it all wrong. The mini ice age back in the
Renaissance could have been prevented if Sir Orick of York had paid
the Viceroy of Madrid 50 pence every time Orick lit a fire in one of
his castle fireplaces. You see, the transfer of money from an Anglo
Empire to the Moors would have counterbalanced the disruption of The
Harmonies and Humors caused by the release of The Evil Ents when
Orick burned his wood. Understand

"By combining the simple model with an economic model, they could
estimate the likelihood of a shutdown between now and 2205, both with
and without the policy intervention of a carbon tax on fossil fuels.
The carbon tax started out at $10 per ton of carbon (about five cents
per gallon of gasoline) and gradually increased."

What are they going to do soak up the CO2 with paper currency? These
"Scientists" should be ashamed of themselves.

"We found that there is a 70 percent likelihood of a thermohaline
collapse, absent any climate policy," Schlesinger said. "Although
this likelihood can be reduced by the policy intervention, it still
exceeds 25 percent even with maximal policy intervention."

Do nothing and there is a 70% chance of of Helaine shutdown in 200
years and 45% this century (notice that 70% is called chance and 45%
is called probability). Do every thing possible and it is 25%
(doesn't save what time frame). Given that China and India will not
participate and Europe is not meeting targets. I think we had better
make plans for Europe to go back into the

"....research grant trolling."

"I thought the Global warming acolytes were complaining that the Gulf
stream was going to cool off Europe! This suggests otherwise.
However, the last data I saw (U. Michigan study) indicated that the
ice was growing in the interior, while melting near the sea -- for
about a net-zero

"..the edges of the snow packs are melting due to wind and sea, while
the thickness of these packs is increasing quite rapidly! Computer
simulations can be weighted any way the programmer wants them

"..Warming melts the ice caps, the fresh water cuts down on the
saline content in the N. Atlantic.. this in turn slows the
convection, since the N. Atlantic water has less saline, its less
dense, so it doesn't drop to the floor and move along the belt back
to the indian ocean.

Now, this in turn causes temperatures to lower, and the northern ice
sheets to expand... thus causing an Ice Age.. eventually the frozen
fresh water is enough to where density is restored and the convery
gets going again.. slowly melting the ice and warming the N. atlantic
and thusly the N. Hemisphere around it... this continues until enough
ice melts to screw the saline content again.. and the cycle begins anew...

This sort of cycle has been going on at regular intervals every 10k
years or so(might be 20k), if memory serves.. up until recently when
we actually have skipped entirely a cycle.

The reality is, and this is the real story here.. even if we DID
EVERYTHING WE COULD, this outcome is still going to happen... its
just a matter of when. Why? Simple, these cycles are not driven or
even largely influenced by human activity... but by known cycles or
warmer and cooler solar output. Right now the sun is hotter than its
been in the last 1000 years or so... so naturally, that means more
heat for the earth... which, dispite what some of these nutball eco
folks want you to believe.. IS A GOOD THING.

More sun = more energy... this isn't a bad thing... unless of course
that energy go to a point where it was so hot, life could not
survive... but its not going to get anywhere near that until the sun
starts its dying phase.

"...I am on pp 525 of this book
and it destroys the eco-whacko movement.

Here's another "great" well known dooms-sayer of our time a little earlier:

Picture a mutual fund manager whose bad investments have caused his
fund to lose value for each of the last 30 years, but who nonetheless
has built the reputation of fundmeister Peter Lynch. If you can do
so, you can envision Paul Ehrlich.

Ehrlich, a butterfly specialist, began his spectacular doomsaying
career back in 1968 with his best-selling book "The Population Bomb."
Among his predictions then and since:

* "The battle to feed humanity is over. In the 1970s the world will
undergo famines . . . hundreds of millions of people (including
Americans) are going to starve to death." (1968)
* "Smog disasters" in 1973 might kill 200,000 people in New York and
Los Angeles. (1969)
* "I would take even money that England will not exist in the year
2000." (1969)
* "Before 1985, mankind will enter a genuine age of scarcity . . . in
which the accessible supplies of many key minerals will be facing
depletion." (1976)

Yet today: 1) Food production is well ahead of population growth and
obesity now kills 300,000 Americans a year, 2) the air in New York
and L.A. is cleaner than it has been in decades, 3) with two years
until 2000, England's odds are looking mighty good, and 4) there are
no key minerals facing depletion. Almost all of them, along with raw
materials in general, are far cheaper now relative either to the
Consumer Price Index or wages.

But have Ehrlich's preposterous predictions hurt his reputation? Far
from it - they've made him both celebrated and rich.

In one year - 1990 - he published a sequel to "Bomb" called "The
Population Explosion," received the MacArthur Foundation's famous
"genius award" with a $345,000 check, and split a Swedish Royal
Academy of Science prize worth $120,000.

Last year Erlich slammed his critics (myself included) in a book the
very name of which screams chutzpah, "The Betrayal of Science and Reason."

The reason Ehrlich keeps blowing it boils down to a single word:
technology. It is Ehrlich's bete noire. So he just ignores its many benefits.

Now Ehrlich is the lead author of an article in The Atlantic Monthly
this month, arguing that anybody who still says technology will
provide more of such benefits is a liar or a fool.

.......Ehrlich tells Atlantic readers, "Since natural resources are
finite, increased consumption must inevitably lead to depletion and scarcity."

Wrong. Look at copper. As it became scarcer, industry used new
technology to switch to equal or even superior materials. Copper
phone wiring went the way of the dodo, replaced by glass fiber optics
that are dirt-cheap and made out of a raw material even Ehrlich
doesn't fear for - sand. They are also vastly superior in the number
and quality of transmissions they can carry.

But on and on Ehrlich goes. "Human-induced land degradation," he
says, "affects about 40% of the planet's vegetated land surface," and
is "accelerating nearly everywhere, reducing crop yields."

Reducing? Our silos runneth over, as yields continue to increase all
over the world. For example, corn is now the world's most important
crop. Here and worldwide, we now harvest about 50% more corn per acre
than 30 years ago. And, says Hudson Institute analyst Dennis Avery,
crop yields can be raised from the current world average of around
1.2 tons per acre to six to nine tons. And advances in genetics
promise to dwarf even these increases.

Again, technology has thwarted Ehrlich's predictions, and you needn't
be Nostradamus to know it always will. Ehrlich will still garner
those accolades because, while in reality he's always wrong,
politically he's always

Aliens Cause Global

~ Janice
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