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Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 12:02:09 EST

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> *Is it special creation if God creates a being (us) to look as if we had a
> genetic link with the apes and archaic hominids, when in fact we didn't?*
> Who said anything about the "appearance" of a genetic link? What I
> suggested is that perhaps the "dust of the ground" in Gen. 2:7 included
> genetic / biological material from "protohuman" hominids. This would mean
> there is a real, not apparent, genetic link between us and them. If "dust
> of the ground" isn't merely a metaphorical phrase, then "special creation"
> of Adam doesn't preclude the use of pre-existing created matter in God's
> "construction" of Adam. Certainly ordinary "dust" often includes organic
> material such as sluffed off skin cells. Of course, this may be reading too
> much into the little phrase "dust of the ground," but who knows? There are
> more things in heaven and earth than are dreampt of in your (or my)
> philosophy.
In the opning chapters of Genesis God says "Let the earth bring forth ...".
Created beings thus could be referred to as "the dust of the earth," so it
doesn't seem to me too far-fetched to claim that at some point God did
something special with a pre-human that made him human and Moses recorded it as
God making man from the dust of the earth.

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