Re: Self-deception, faith, and scepticism

From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 11:56:15 EST

--- David Opderbeck <> wrote:

> Ok, I think we are on the same page. But about this: "*Apart from invoking
> the fine tuning of the universe (which you could say is a weak form of the
> Intelligent Design hypothesis), there isn't any evidence I can offer him"
> *do
> you mean evidence from natural science? There certainly are many more
> evidences apart from natural science that support theism. In addition to
> the argument from design / teleological argument / and cosmological argument
> (which are strong even apart from the particular arguments of ID), there is
> the moral argument, the argument from religious need, the argument from joy,
> the ontological argument, historical arguments concerning the life, death
> and resurrection of Christ and growth of the Church, and experiential
> arguments from the lives of individual believers, among others.
All of these arguments are valuable and should be known by every Christian.
However, if one of them convinces a nonbeliever, then he simply has made an
intellectual assent to the existence of God (ala Anthony Flew) Perhaps he will
take the next step: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but just
intellectually acknowledging God doesn't guarantee it. Here is where personal
testimony comes in.

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