Re: The death of the RTB model

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Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 11:07:29 EST

There are more problems, imo, with the RTB model than its
reliance on the "out of africa" theory. My concern is not
that "Adam" in the RTB model is too recent, my difficulty
with the RTB model is that "Adam" appears earlier than
biblical evidence suggests. As Dick Fischer points out:

A reasonable interpretation of the Genesis account is that
it is about the birth of civilization, domestication and
agriculture. And fits with archeological evidence (at
least my limited understanding of it) of changes that
ocurred in the area in question at about the time that the
geneologies suggest.

Of course a late Adam leaves us with many problems as
well. The stickiest being what is original sin and how is
death brought to all men if Adam is not the patriarch of
all men?
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