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From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 10:21:29 EST

Hi Glenn:
 First off, Dick, No one attributed those words to him. I happen to
think Truth matters. As to Asia, it must be the 4 scorpion I ate at
Chinese New year--yummy.
And I was stuck eating lobster. Man, breaking those claws. Having to
stick the meat in gooey butter . Why can't a restaurant here in
Manassas serve up a nice plate of scorpions? Some people have all the
luck :>).
Sorry, Dick, that article doesn't attribute those words to him either.
The words are not in quotes and are clearly not being attributed to him.
I guess, truth doesn't really matter here????
Templeton was interviewed for the article published on the Washington
University web site. Templeton is a teaching professor at WU. On the
same web page is Templeton's name and email address. His picture is in
the article. Gosh, how would somebody get the impression that he knew
what was in the article? Cut me some slack, good buddy.
P.S.: What goes well with a plate of scorpions? I had key lime pie.
~Dick Fischer~ Genesis Proclaimed Association
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