Re: The death of the RTB model

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 09:44:28 EST

Glenn wrote

Terry, I have a deep respect for you. But I bet I have read about 500 more books and probably a 2000 times more articles on anthro than you have. I would say this. I don't have a simplistic view of how the debate rages and I doubt this article will end it any more than multiple lines of evidence ends YECism. But I do have a highly developed appreciation for the power of statistics.
  This is a separate issue that has been debated much. I do find it odd that people who demand objective proof in their professional areas, who also demand that the YECs prove that the earth is young will take a position which requires that the Bible not be objectively factually true and then claim that anyone who doesn't accept that approach is a hopeless concordist. If one can believe that which is false, why shouldn't we allow the YECs to believe that which is false??????

  Michael replies.
  does this mean that you actually believe that Gen 1 6-8 is factually true? The firmament is a solid dome which later had little stars stuck on the inside. Then from Exodus 20 vs 4 which teaches a flat earth means that a flat earth is factually true.
  As is plants created before animals and before the sun and moon- slight problems over photosynthesis.

  From Gen 2 and 3 are the accounts of Eve's creation from a rib and a talking snake, and God taking an evening stroll in the Garden factually true?

  Are the fountains of the great deep factually true?

  Now if you accept all this to be factually true then you must be both a flat earther and a YEC!

  Once you move away from that, you have taken the first steps to become an accommodationalist/metaphoricalist/ alllegorist to use your expression.

  To be quite clear. Glenn if you don't believe in a flat earth you are an accommodationalist!!!!! Gen 1 vs6-8 and Exod 20 vs 4 are either factually true or they are not,

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