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Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 06:15:24 EST

>First of all, what difference does this make?  You are getting all bent out of shape over nothing.  Must be an elevated white count. 
Happened to me in Southeast Asia.

 First off, Dick, No one attributed those words to him. I happen to think Truth matters. As to Asia, it must be the 4 scorpion I ate at Chinese New year--yummy.

>As to your stinging allegations, the original article came from The Washington University web page and was written by senior science >editor, Tony Fitzpatrick.  Since Templeton did his research at Washington University, and from the inclusion of quotes from
>Templeton himself in the article, one would suppose that the article came as the result of a personal interview.  Here is the article on
Washington University web page:

Sorry, Dick, that article doesn't attribute those words to him either. The words are not in quotes and are clearly not being attributed to him.  I guess, truth doesn't really matter here????

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