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Date: Mon Feb 13 2006 - 16:46:27 EST

>>>>Dick Fischer wrote:

I emailed Alan Templeton and he was kind enough to respond:

 “My analysis indicates that there was both recurrent gene flow as well as interbreeding following the population expansions.  I did not speculate at all on the behavioral mechanisms underlying this genetic interchange.  In particular, the quote that is attributed to me ("make love not war") does not exist in my paper and is a fabrication.   I strongly object to words being attributed to my paper that do not exist at all in the paper.  That is simply dishonest.”

 Another victim of overzealous reporting!


No, Dick, he is not a victim of overzealous reporting but of misattribution----by YOU.  On Friday, Feb 10, 11:38pm according to Beijing time, Janet posted a link to a web page announcing this paper and That web page contained the words 'making love not war'. These were the words of that blog--

I then bought the article and posted a review on it. The word 'love' does not appear in my post either. 

But, then, in response to my article  YOU posted the following misattribution:

"The part I have a problem with is Templeton's conclusion that they "made love not war." --Dick Fischer's quote from post 0148.html.

Then everyone else jumped on that phrase as if Templeton had said it followed by the current event whereby you wrote Templeton telling him that someone (hope it wasn't me you were thinking of) was quoting him as using that phrase.  I never used that phrase until after you used it.  The blog owner didn't attribute those words to Templeton, and as far as I can tell YOU were the first person to attribute those words to Templeton and now tell Templeton that others are misattributing words to him and tell us that he is a victim of overzealous reporting.  Pure rubbish, Dick.

You probably should re-write Templeton and tell him you have met the enemy and it was you!

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