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Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 16:43:32 EST

Larry Johnson wrote:

>Thanks for this discussison. Would you mind telling us about The RTB creation model? I
>see Ross referring to it, but never in his mailings giving info about what it is. And I have
>been too penurious to buy his book, which I presume tells about it.

There are several RTB models. THere is one for  the origin of life, one for anthropology, and I am addressing this one.


The anthropological RTB model is not a model in the strict scientific sense. It is an ex post facto explanation of anthropology with the addition of supernatural creation.  It beleives this.

1. mankind arose within the last 100,000 years (not withstanding the dating of the earliest modern skull of 169,000 years). This ties the theory to the out of Africa version. They rely on mtDNA to support their idea that there is no interbreeding between the humans and the Neanderthals (and thus the N's are a different species) or other archaics, forgetting that  the difference between modern mtDNA and humans is far smaller than the range of mtDNA differences seen in the single species, Chimpanzee.  They forget that minor differences between mtDNA do not a species make.

2. They beleive that there is absolutely no genetic connection between we moderns and any of the archaics (the true out of Africa theory would hold that a small group of archaic hominids evolved into modern humans and then spread out replacing all the other erectines and other archaics)

3. They believe that none of the ancient archaic hominids had the image of God. They cite a 20 year old Science News article which talks about a 24,000 year old altar but ignore things like Bilzingsleben Germany which dates at 425,000 years old and seems to have something almost all moderns would interpret as an altar and they ignore things like the Tan-tan and Berekhat Ram figurines which may be the earliest idols which date at 400,000 and 235 kyr ago respectively.

4. All previous hominids are mere animals--in spite of the fact that they make complicated stone tools, control fire, hunt in manners similar to modern humans, and have morphological evidence for language.


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