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From: Robert Schneider <>
Date: Sat Feb 11 2006 - 20:13:19 EST

Tomorrow I will recognize Darwin's 197th birthday by leading a discussion at
the Adult Forum at my parish: "Darwin, Relgion and Science." I'll begin
with some brief remarks about Darwin's religious odyssey, using my review of
Phipps' book _Darwin's Religious Odyssey_ and Michael Robert's short piece
on Darwin and Christianity in PSCF. Then invite those attending to share
their views on how they themselves relate their Christian faith with what
science says about the world we call a creation. Other churches in my area
are doing similar things.


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> Just an FYI. There was a very interesting seminar today on the UW-Madison
> campus entitled " Evidence for Evolution: Updating Darwin's Case."
> Information can be found at:
> The sessions were all very well articulated. The panel discussion even
> included a professor who attends my local church and represented a person
> of
> faith who is also a scientist during the Q&A. They are supposed to update
> the website and make parts of the seminar available in different formats.
> Josh
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