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Of course when I said that Behe was well on his way to becoming the Milli Vanilli of science I didn't mean that there would be a one-to-one mapping. The part of Behe's testiomony at Dover, as given in Pim's post, to which I was reacting was as follows:

OK, says Rothschild, what ARE those mechanisms? Behe: Well, actually, I don't have any mechanisms, but I know that there's an intelligence involved. Rothschild: Wait a minnit! Isn't "an intelligence involved" a *conclusion* that one would draw AFTER investigating the mechanisms? How can a scientist start by assuming his conclusion and then doing no research to defend it? Behe: Well, it's obvious there's an intelligence involved, so the mechanism must have involved the application of that intelligence somehow. Rothschild: OK, then, what IS the mechanism from whose investigation you concluded an intelligence. Behe: I don't NEED any mechanism, because I know the answer before I start.

This is shows a serious misunderstanding of both science & (since "intelligence" of course = God) theology. All scientists who are Christians believe that every phenomenon they study is the result of "intelligence" - & then they get to work and try to figure out the mechanism (in a broad sense) by which "intelligence" has caused that phenomenon.

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  Prior to this report, I found the charge against Behe as 'the Milli Vanilli of science' a bit unjust, perhaps reflecting some frustration at the scientific weaknesses in ID theories (and their hype) more than in Behe himself. Milli Vanilli didn't sing at all, they were just a front; at least Behe wrote DBB which became a best seller and winner of several science-book awards. One of the members of that band is now trying to sing again, this time honorably; the other committed suicide.
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