Re: NAE on global warming

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 17:13:31 EST

> *"Pollution May Slow Warming; Cleaner Air May Speed It, Study Says" *

This depends on the type of pollution. It's visual pollution when a
muncipality or campus puts some ugly pile of junk out and claims it's art,
but this does not especially affect global warming one way or another.
Particles such as soot in the atmosphere tend to promote cooling, as well as
promoting lung and circulatory system disease. Greenhouse gases such as
carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor tend to promote warming.

On the general situation with the two letters, the NPR/BBC radio program The
World reported on the evangelical efforts to recognize global warming as a
serious problem (i.e., efforts associated with letter #2) but made no
mention of the first (the bad stewardship of creation) letter. Don't know
if they metioned that one on the previous day, though.

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