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I fail to see why there is any relevance between a religious belief having a
millenia old tradition and the validity of its reinterpretation as a religious
faith in light of current scientific knowledge?
Perhaps your 'point' could benefit from some explanation as I fail to see the
please forgive me for intruding on this thread but current scientific
knowledge is the same old science that's been around since the beginning. It's just
current because we're just beginning to understand it now, so the bible
regardless of who/when it was written would have been written by people who lived
under the same scientific rules we do. They would have to explain their religious
truths allegorically/metaphorically if they didn't know how to explain them

For example, natural selection is in genesis.

From True Religion:

Charles Darwin had specifically written that the principles of selection were
anciently followed in Genesis. I looked and found those principles applied
throughout the story of Jacob and Esau, beginning in Genesis 25...

Jacob works the seven extra years for Rachel but he is incensed by Laban’s
continuing treachery and decides to wreak his vengeance on Laban. It is here
that we find Darwin’s reference to the color of domesticated animals.
“As for the rams, Jacob divided them, and let the ewes run only with such of
the rams in Laban’s flock as were striped and black, and thus he bred separate
flocks for himself.”7
Some of the methods Jacob employs to effect birth differences are magical but
his intent is obvious. Genesis concludes by saying:
 “Thus the weaker came to be Laban’s and the stronger Jacob’s.”
The Darwinian reading of the allegory is straightforward. We are told
outright that Jacob deliberately weakens Laban’s flocks. He breeds only the less
vigorous animals in Laban’s flocks while breeding the most vigorous animals in his

This is eugenics, directed "natural" selection. There is no mistaking it.

rich faussette
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