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Craig wrote:
"But a major problem, noted early in the thread and emphasized today by
Glenn, is what to "substitute" for YEC."
And David wrote:
"There are many exegetical reasons to think the YEC position is a wrong
understanding of the text, even apart from the evidence of general
I think this is the answer. We need to show them that a proper exegesis
rules out YEC and as a by product history and science fall in line.
Interpreting the text is key.
For example, YEC beliefs require a global flood to sequence the fossil
record. This would mean that the rivers of the Garden of Eden would
have been obliterated, and the rivers that do exist today such as the
Euphrates and the Tigris (Hiddekel) couldn't be the same rivers. In
response YECs will say that the rivers that do exist running through
Iraq today aren't the same rivers but were named for the rivers of
Genesis. What negates that is that lands are included in the narrative
(Assyria, Cush, and Havilah). These were named after Noah's grandsons
and great grandson who didn't live before the flood.
So in the case of Assyria named after Asshur of Gen. 10:11 the land of
Assyria has to be the same land and located exactly where it was both
before and after the flood. Now note that the description of the
Hiddekel flowing to the east of Assyria describes how it still flows
today. So the rivers of Genesis are still there and that eliminates the
entire YEC scenario as a possibility.
Further, the Nephilim (giants in the KJV) in Gen. 6:4 before the flood
are the precursors of the sons of Anak in Num.13:33 after the flood. So
the Bible accounts for these size extra large gentlemen on both sides of
the flood. And historically we know the Sumerians listed pre-flood
kings and flourished after the flood too.
YECs may not understand science, and maybe they are ignorant about
history, but we have to assume they will pay attention to their own
Bibles - unless something else is at work.
Dick Fischer
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