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From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Mon Feb 06 2006 - 14:59:19 EST

Likely, I agree with you. But the fact remains that USA is the most literally-minded nation in the world. Read: Declaration, Constitution. Just think about how much smaller the judiciary would be if it wasn't based on the written word. There is a lot of philological work, tied together with theological knowledge and charisma required if your message of biblical non-literalism is to become widespread.
  Of course Genesis is still reliable.
  With wishes,
  gregory A.

  p.s. is mathematics a literalistic discipline?
gordon brown <> wrote:
  On Mon, 6 Feb 2006, Carol or John Burgeson wrote:

> From an AIG (Answers in Genesis) email this week:
"Satan knows that if he can get people to doubt the reliability of the book of Genesis, ultimately the whole Christian structure will collapse."

One way to get people to doubt the reliability of the book of Genesis is
to get them to think that it means what AiG says it means.

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