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Peter wrote:
Using the "water above it and sluice gates to let the water out" as an
for a solid dome is irrelevant because this depends on the hypothesis of
flood having been global, which is wrong in any case (C.A. Hill (2002),
Noachian Flood: Universal or Local?" PSCF 54/3, 170-183;
This is precisely where we have missed our opportunity to expose YEC
dogma and replace it with something that has an odds-on chance of being
right. The flood is the Achilles heel of the YEC movement. This is the
lynchpin of YEC belief. The flood has to be universal (for them) in
order to orchestrate the fossil record. Without a global flood there is
no rationale for the fossil record other than it must have been laid
down over a long period of time.
Instead of brandishing the evidence for a local flood in southern
Mesopotamia around 2900 BC loudly and publicly, we merely shrugged our
shoulders and tried to cast doubt on the flood being a global
A positive message bears more fruit than a negative one. We could have
screamed from the rooftops, "Here's the flood!" Who has done it?
Historians could have helped us, but they regard the flood as a
religious idea, and since so many think it was global, why wake a
sleeping dog unnecessarily?
The Ziusudra epic parallels Noah's flood. (I presume Noah and Ziusudra
are the same person.) The pre-flood Sumerian king list after the last
King Ziusudra says, "Then the flood swept thereover." Do we read that
in history books? Why not?
Of course, the Sumerians survived the flood because they were
concentrated more along the Tigris a little east of the primary flood
zone, and because the flood wasn't intended specifically for them. Oh,
well ....
History books do recognize that a sudden culture shift occurred at 2900
BC, the start of the pre-dynastic period in Sumer, but don't give any
clues as to what caused it. No help there.
So if we don't do it, who will?
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