Re: Kurt Wise on the creation crisis in Christian colleges

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Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 16:44:03 EST

On Fri, 3 Feb 2006 20:28:01 -0700 "D. F. Siemens, Jr."
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> > The only response I've encountered is that the Bible/revelation
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> > precedence. But this is no real answer.
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> Sorry that I forgot a couple other responses. One is that God made the
> universe different to test our faith. The second is that Satan messed up
> the universe. This seems to me to require that the fall of Satan and his
> minions occurred after the fall of Adam and Eve, or at least between
> God's pronouncement that it was very good and Adam's fall. But
> consistency has never been a strong point of YEC eisegesis.

The idea that Satan messed up the universe - generally in connection with the first human sin - has been suggested. But if Satan so changed the world that all our scientific investigation gives misleading results about its age then Satan is the de facto creator of the universe that we inhabit. This is heretical - specifically, Manichaeanism.

It's a cosmic version of the idea that humanity was so changed by the fall that it is no longer God's creature but a creation of Satan. This idea was condemned by Article I of the Formula of Concord.

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